Personally serving southern California with custom designs and quality craftsmanship that reflect the Arts & Crafts asthetic.

Furniture Portfolio (click on images for a larger picture)
 Last update: December , 2008

Craftsman Style Chandelier

Mahogany base and arms with a custom mixed stain. Natural finish oak light cups. Globes from Home Depot. Art glass for the side view slits and bottom  are from:

Bar / Lunch Counter

The tops and wine rack  are African Mahogany stained a nice reddish brown. The base cabinet is paint grade poplar and birch ply. Interesting challenge due to the long sweeping curve of the base cabinet.

High End Adirondack Chair (For Sale):

Most adirondack chairs have a kind of "home built" look to the construction and quality. My chair explores the higher end of construction quality and materials. Mahogany wood for the base, walnut plugged fastener holes, jointery and a clean, refined style. Notice the horseshoe back support and the scoop back contour. Also available in a traditional arch back design. No other chair like it.

In one example, the back slats are quartersawn white oak. They can be just about any weather durable material.

I offer this chair for sale. Please  contact me!

Entertainment Center Commission:

This piece was designed for a high-end client to fit a specific niche in a wall with an arched top. The wood is cherry plywood and birch. The stain is a mix of Varathane "Dark Walnut" and "Cabernet" . The varnish is satin Minwax Wiping Poly.  The entire piece was constructed in my shop to the cad model I made and then installed as a final unit. It fit perfectly. The mouldings tie the piece to the wall. Everthing was custom fabricated. Mouldings, rosettes, keystone, plinth blocks, drawers and doors.

Bathroom Vanity

This is the vanity in my master bath. The top is a lamination of edge grain Jatoba and White Oak. The drawer and door faces are Jatoba and Red Oak veneer ply. All natural wood finish - no stain, just polyurethane varnish on the cabinets and Waterlox on the top.

Don't worry, I have replaced the blue rug with something more complimentary!

Bookcase Doors

A secret passage! When closed, the doors look like nice bookcase, but both sides are on articulated hinges that open into the master bedroom. A vey unique idea! They are made from paint grade poplar and ply.

Decorative Cutting Boards (For Sale)

What appears to be a simple little project is much more involved than you would expect. Up to13 laminations of various exotic hardwoods such as Purple heart, Paduk, Jatoba, Walnut, Maple, Birch and Oak.  Each board is just a little bit different. Notice that the form of the piece has no straight lines, and the handle has a comfortable grip. The pictures are staged on a table placemat for scale comparisons.

Arts & Crafts Style Bed

This bed is a very unique piece because of the retractable platform in the foot board that carries an LCD TV.  I call it "Mission Control" style!

The material is  red oak with birch veneer plywood panel inserts that are stained a complimentary color to the custom mixed reddish stain on the frame.

The platform rises up out of the footboard with an electric motor and chain drive conveyor system. It is activated by a concealed switch. My engineering and woodworking skills were put to the test on this one!

Arts & Crafts Style Nightstands

Well you gotta have nightstands if you have a bed. These pieces are made from quartersawn oak and finished in the same stains as the bed. The construction is mortise and tenon joinery on the frame and dovetails in the drawers.

Picture Frame

Arts and Crafts style picture frame made from Austrailian lacewood - a very beautiful wood.

Entertainment Center Commission:

This piece was a commisson to fit an unusual space under a stair. The construction is birch plywood  painted to match the existing trim in the house. The DVD drawers are natural mahogany finished with tung oil and move in and out of the case with a concealed Blum track.