Personally serving southern California with custom designs and quality craftsmanship that reflect the Arts & Crafts ethic.

How I handle projects:

After initial contact, I would like to visit the location of where the piece will be placed. For gates and doors, this is a very necessary step so I can measure the space in which it is to fit. For furniture, It is always nice to get a first hand look at the texture and finish of the other pieces in the room, as well as capture first hand my customers exact needs and ideas.  I will also probably take a few photographs.

The next step is to create a conceptual drawing. I do my work in AutoCAD®  a drafting program. We can use that as a working document to refine the idea.The drawings I make can be converted to PDF format so we can collaborate online if necessary.  These drawings will eventually become my working drawings from which I build the piece.
I'll provide a quote and once we agree on the project concept and price, I'll ask for 50% down to get started.

During the course of the project I'll set up your own private project log (plog!) to which pictures of the project will be posted. You can monitor the progress, and of course ask questions on the project.

I can also prepare samples of the finish on the wood of choice so there is agreement on the finish before we commit it to the actual piece. The samples can be mailed or dropped off, depending on the travel logistics.

I'll deliver the project and do any installation as required such as with the gates. Note that I am NOT a licensed contractor and won't get into work that requires a permit. That is not the thrust of my business anyway. Replacing gates and mailboxes are cosmetic enhancements that does not fall into permit type of work.